Sweet Home Alpca

Sweet Home Alpaca are setting up an off-grid alpaca farm and holiday destination in Wales with a firm focus on sustainability.


(Which I am extremely excited about and have planned to visit for my 2020 summer holiday!)

I have written the web copy and social media posts for Sweet Home Alpaca.

I interviewed Ange, the director, over the phone so I could find out what Sweet Home Alpaca was all about. Ange gave me the low down on the personality of her business – quirky, professional, and fun

I kept in touch with her whilst writing her business plan (cue lots of Alpaca chat on WhatsApp!) and delivered her a full and detailed plan for her to submit to funding agencies. 

Next, I wrote the web copy for Sweet Home Alpaca based on the business plan, and Ange's answers to my questions.

Check out the nice things Ange (and my other clients) had to say about me here!

The Sweet Home Alpaca website is due to go live soon – watch this space.