Sheffield Creative Guild

This is a piece of direct mail advertising that I created for the Sheffield Creative Guild.




The community is getting really excited about your work, Fiona. 






Sheffield – The Land of Opportunity



Dear Fiona,


Art for art’s sake. What a beautiful sentiment. Unfortunately, you and I have bills to pay, which means running your business as effectively as possible. And sometimes it can be hard to get things off the ground. Being part of a bigger network of creatives can help to strengthen your position as a freelancer or small business. 


Who are we?

Sheffield Creative Guild is a membership cooperative for creatives in the local area, whether you are an individual, small business or larger organisation. We believe that joining our network will help you grow as a creative as well as strengthen the creative industry in Sheffield. 


The keys to success.

To be a successful freelancer or small business, resilience and sustainability are essential. As an individual or small group, it can be hard to roll with the punches in today’s rapidly changing world. Being part of a wider network of talent will give you a more stable foundation for your work. 



Meaningful connections. 

In an age where you can find online freelancers who will do anything and everything for a small fee, it’s easy to make soulless and isolated business transactions. 


A copywriter, someone to design your website, a photographer, a graphic designer. Wouldn’t it be nice to meet real people over a cup of coffee and really connect? 

Sheffield Creative Guild is a large network of other creatives in a huge range of fields. You can really tap into something great here.


For our new members, we’re currently offering a fantastic 20% off services by highly talented filmmaker/videographer Ed Cartlege. Ed will provide a package of a promotional video shoot and video editing services to help you promote your work. 


Give something back.

Part of successful networking is sharing your skills and talents. Over 300 hours of skills have been traded as part of our time bank, which has led to collaboration, learning new skills, and overall progress for the creatives involved.


What else does the Guild do?

As well as connecting creative individuals and organisations in the region, we can provide support and advice for you and your ventures. Not only that, we arrange regular events such as networking, workshops and socials.


We are also associated with policy makers and other movers and shakers with the power to lobby in the local region. All of this strengthens Sheffield’s creative industry and puts you as a creative in a stronger position. 


How much does it cost?

Sheffield Creative Guild is a not-for-profit organisation, and all the money that we receive goes back into the guild to make it bigger and better. Subscriptions start at £1.66 per month and vary for businesses and individuals. Concessions are available. A full price breakdown is available on our website. 


What are you waiting for?

Visit our website and see for yourself!


Can’t wait to meet you!


Yours truly, 

Sheffield Creative Guild




Don’t forget about our amazing 20% off services Ed Cartlege who will help you along with a package of a promotional video shoot and video editing services to help you promote your work.